Since moving to Jacksonville in 2012, I've been lucky enough to call the greater San Marco area home. What attracted me to the neighborhood is similar to many other residents; a vibrant commercial district where I can walk to shops, restaurants, see a movie or even a live performance. The warmth of neighbors that wave while walking on our beautiful streets or in one of the many parks. Children, similar to the age of mine, everywhere! San Marco has it all!


Currently San Marco is on a period of growth, and change can be hard. I was interested to see neighbors embracing some changes and yet opposed to others. I wanted to understand how those options were formed. It made me realize that as a resident, I also needed to share my voice on what I felt is right for San Marco.


During this process, I found that there was a lack of information. Lots of opinions, but very little facts. The process to engage in dialogue with City Council and other decision makers was also confusing and overwhelming at best.


The goal of this website is to share facts about upcoming area development and information on how you can get involved.

In the spirit of this website, I want to fully disclose that I am a member of SJPC, however, I joined after discussions of the Park Place development were in process. Furthermore, I am not an elder of the church nor am I involved in any decision making process related to the development. My opinion is purely from the perspective of being a San Marco resident and my first hand, positive experience of similar neighborhood growth when I lived in Charlotte, NC. But again, I'm hoping you find more facts than options here. Equipped with information, you can form your own!


Whatever your vision is for San Marco, let's start a smart discussion!